I left from seattle washington on the 11th of Aug. I am here in Chile now. The first days were perfect. One day travel, one day with friends, and one day shredding sick lines. I went to cajon del maipo with Cristian Wehrhahn. It is their secret land of many possibilities. They have a snowmobile touring company called Dos Tiempos. We did some first  descents and shredded pow. It had not snowed in over a week and it was still amazing. There is a big storm right now. Possibly 3 feet in a couple days. I hope so. You could be here. . .  more to come. Click the link below and enjoy.

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Ian Wood

I am a stevens pass lover. It is hard for me to travel away from this mountain because it has so many hidden treasures. Every year i learn more and more about this place and it takes me deeper and deeper. I feel like i have only scratched the surface. I am a powder hound. If the snow is decent somewhere i am willing to take the time to get to it. I just bought a snowmobile this year so i am about to open a whole new world. Very excited. I love being a part of this big family we call stevens. It is the other half of why i cant leave. So many cool people that love the mountains up here. So stoked to be a part of the SPSS crew. The most legit snowboard shop i have ever been around. True snowboarders that have taken their passion and turned it into a job. Shaen Jesmer, a very good friend of mine, used to ride for SPSS years ago before he passed. So i feel a very deep conection with the shop remembering all the years of him supporting their vibe. Thanks D and Tony for the good energy. Now lets go get wild in the mountains!

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