Capita NW Edit

Here’s a Capita NW regional rider edit from last season… I think it was supposed to be in the bonus section of DoA but not sure if it ever made it. Anyway it includes myself, Jonah, Penny and Travis. The footy of the youngsters is from an average/fun day of snowboarding so just wait to see how hard they kill it when they actually try. Enjoy!

It’s Deep.

The epic month of March is upon us and mother nature is still dropping powder at full force. It’s fun, deep, but dangerous. Don’t ride deep powder alone if you don’t have to.. ride with a buddy. Here is an edit that never made it up onto the shop site. I know it’s old news but take another look and get hyped for this week’s powder.

Featuring the elusive shop rider Tristan Welch, Matt Christie, Tim Carlson, Ryan Browne, Seth Stusser, Devin Elliot, Matt Wainhouse, Ari Strickland, Hans Jangaard and Bart Patitucci.