Gators in Washington?

In the beginning, I didn’t understand why they call themselves Gators. By the end though, it made a little sense. They’re animals.

Team riders Kevin Hanson, Matt Penny, and Travis Claughton have solid sections alongside some other Northwest up-and-comers.

However, there is one thing that is dead wrong about the name “Gators”.
Alligators have been called living fossils.
These kids are nothing but the future.

Vitalire Apparel

Last winter I happened to come by Vitalire on facebook. For some reason I was instantly drawn to them and emailed them right away. I felt a deep pull to be connected with this company that I had just learned about.

It has only been one year riding for them but they have grown so much so fast. This next fall line is going to be so sick. These guys are repping for the NW for sure. Lots of good things to come with Vitalire. The best thing is they listen to their riders.

Thanks for everything guys. Cheers to another great winter.

Slushy 2011 memories

Stiffy over wallride
Some may remember this past summer as the “bummer summer”. I can definitely understand their plight. Having lived in a van, I remember the stormy days. But I have evidence that the weather wasn’t all bad and I seem to recall a lot of great golfing days too.

The first photo was from one of the first days I arrived this summer. I didn’t end up seeing it until I happened upon the Rome blog a few weeks later.

Once again proving that the Rome Artifact flexes.
Big surprise, a nosepress.

Thanks to Riley Snyder for taking the tailpress photo. It was the only snowboard photo in the whole post over on NewSchoolers.