Summer 2011

Went summer boarding on the glacier a handful of times.

Hey friends.. just wanted to give folks a quick summer update, and talk a little bit about snowboarding

So I’m lucky enough to have a awesome dad who also happened to be born in Toronto, Canada.. therefore, I’m a dual citizen. So I moved further north up to Whistler in June and have been spending my summer here. Working as much as I can (as a bar-back) so I can save up for winter.

Some fresh polarized lenses.. love em

I got to go summer boarding a handful of times.. the weather was pretty horrible though through most of June and July up here though so it was limited. Whistler is pretty sweet and I realize it’s an opportunity that I have and not many others get. We will see if I’m able to make it happen for the winter as well.

A lot of talk has been floating around in the snowboard world of people “taking snowboarding too seriously”. At Stevens Pass the vibe is pretty strong and positive. Not the same in Whis. Lots of kids and bros have the “I’m cooler” attitude (not everyone) So I asked a question on F-Book the other day:

Matt Wainhouse What’s your meaning of “taking snowboarding too seriously”?

Ian James Woodwhen the negative vibes out do the positive. . .

Dustin Berman For me it is when snowboarding isn’t about having fun. It’s when you aren’t making the choice to snowboard for the enjoyment, but to please sponsors or someone other than yourself. It’s snowboarding. It’s meant to be a place where bros and ladys alike can go to get away from the stresses of real life and truely live, and once it becomes something other than that it’s being taken too seriously.

Brian Stanford gypsy’s

B-rad Miller when you try to skateboard!    …. (like me)

Matt Wainhouse i feel you there dustin! When the stoke isn’t there anymore is when it crosses that line. For some, working hard to progress and ride new shit is what really keeps that stoke alive. For others, it’s just riding casually everyday.. when the stoke factor is gone, and the anger, bad attitude and hatin’ takes over, then you can suck it.

Tristan Welch by trying to be a snowboarder instead of just going snowboarding..

Joseph Bosler im with dustin though i have had both vibes towards the shred and it is all about why we all started and it is just to have fun with your friends. So never take it to serious or ese you will get burnt out scene it happen to allot of good riders. Stay up homie.

Sikander Tareen drinkin to much mt. dew

Tristan Welch wakeboarders…bud light lime..EXTREME!…white room test usually weeds out the serious and the silly..

Sikander Tareen It’s wearing neon colors.

Tristan Welch ya I can’t wait till next season I’m gonna get so many shots, so much footy, so much prod,….I’m gonna make fun of all the gaper gaps, and skiers, goggles up glasses down, rockstar makes snowboards!!!!…………………….fuck that………….. i’m gonna drive my shit car that I love… can’t wait to pull into lot four let hoods out, see all the crew, ride pow park, practice “I” turns and black out at the whistler and piss on the train as it rolls through.. its get old every year round march…then aprils the shit and it ends…but we”re all still there with shit eating grins on opening. see ya then.

Sik and Tristan are the clear winners here. That shows why they’re some of my favorite dudes to shred with, can’t stop laughing with em. At SPSS we keep shit fun all the time no matter if you have goals or not. Enjoy the rest of your summer folks!

I was bored one day.


I left from seattle washington on the 11th of Aug. I am here in Chile now. The first days were perfect. One day travel, one day with friends, and one day shredding sick lines. I went to cajon del maipo with Cristian Wehrhahn. It is their secret land of many possibilities. They have a snowmobile touring company called Dos Tiempos. We did some first  descents and shredded pow. It had not snowed in over a week and it was still amazing. There is a big storm right now. Possibly 3 feet in a couple days. I hope so. You could be here. . .  more to come. Click the link below and enjoy.