Warren Miller photo contest

Jordan Ingmire has entered a photo into the warren miller Photo contest fearuring yours truely. If we win we get a 5 day 6 night heli trip to Alaska. We have made it to the second round and have a chance. Please take the time to click on the link below and press the like button under the photo. It would be a dream come true to win this trip. Help send some locals to paradise!!!  Spring seems to be in the air, grab your swim suits, snowboards,  and sun screen.


Let The Warmth Begin!

Spring is beginning which means temperatures are rising… winter is coming to an end but don’t get down. Its time to get them skateboards back out and let then rainboardin begin. Here is a video we made back in january when warm weather got the best of the northwest…We seemed to make the best of it anyways!

January Heat from extra secret on Vimeo.

skaters: Kenny Hansen, Trevor Schy
boarders: Travis Claughton, Trevor Schy

Rome Stoken 2011 – Video recap

Last Saturday, the Rome Stoken went down at Summit at Snoqualmie. Kids came out and threw down on the corrugated tube.

Then the festivities moved on to a showcase of grabs on the step-up. Of course, Max decided to do some spinning with his grab. That’s ok.

After that we moved on to the up rail. There were a lot of grabs off the end of it, but there were two standouts in my mind. One was an unnamed kid who did a 450 out. Good Job buddy. The next standout was Mike who took 2nd. He utterly destroyed the uprail, first doing some big one-footers, followed by a huge backflip off the end. Another rider heard him say, “I’ve never tried that before.” Well, we’re glad you did.

My new Kodak zx3

I recently got a new video camera.  Its a Kodak zx3.  It says its waterproof to a depth of 10m.  I haven’t had a chance to test that number yet, but its fine out in the pow.  Most people would probably consider a GoPro for the purposes that I got this thing, so its for that reason that I will be making observations about the performance of this camera in comparison to my overall impression of GoPro video quality.

With the camera, I bought a mini wide angle lens.  Its a Bower 0.45x wide angle that attaches to the camera via magnetic rings.  The wide angle is not as wide as the fisheye effect of a GoPro and I think the edges have more chromatic aberration than a GoPro as well.  For me though, the ability to pop the lens off and get a normal shot is a huge plus.

The lens also comes apart leaving a mini macro lens.  This is nice for real close up shots, though I have a hard time thinking of a scenario that would call for a video shot that close in.  It makes for cool photos though.  Here are a couple images produced by the macro.

Here we have some video clips that show the image quality at certain light levels.  The first clip was from an overcast day past 5pm.  So the lighting wasn’t expected to be good.  As you can see it is very grainy and it seems like the shutter speed is real slow which is creating that motion blur effect.

In the order they appear, the clips above feature:
-Emily, Nikki, and Gabe

I also filmed Jonah’s Goldbar edit with this camera.

Final Verdict(compared to a GoPro Hero HD):

-Price. All in all, I was able to get the camera, the lens, 3 total batteries, and an 8gb memory card off of Amazon for just under 200 dollars.
-Shooting Angle versatility: The wide angle can pop off for normal viewing angles
-Sunny day performance: The image quality of this compared to the GoPro in sunny weather is much better.
-Viewscreen: Being able to see what your shot will look like there on the spot is nice compared to the I hope I got it mentality of a GoPro.

-Overcast Conditions: The image quality of the Kodak on a cloudy day is lower than that of a GoPro which really makes the Gopro suited well to the northwest.
-Screen visibility on Sunny days: The utility of the screen is almost removed by the glare off the screen on a sunny day. You end up resorting to making sure the right black shapes are showing up against the white shape.
-Lens Width: While this isn’t the fault of the Kodak, the Bower wide angle I have does not go as wide as the GoPro’s fisheye. This hinders follow cam footage a bit.
-Shakiness: It seems like the Kodak is a bit shakier while doing follow cams.
-Zoom: The Kodak has a digital zoom which might seem like a positive thing, but because it is digital it just ends up pixelating the image so its not even worth using.

In the end, I think the pros outweigh the cons mainly because Price is probably the heaviest weighted feature when considering a purchase like this.