Rain boardin

So here we are bloggin again.  Which means I had to actually take an electronic device out onto the slopes with me and since the title of this post is rain boardin, it was in the rain. To get started I have to address that I’m completely sick of people sayin (myself included) that they can’t go riding because the snows so bad…WHAT! well how about ya try riding up at Stevens in the summer guess what? No snow! yeah its a lot harder to ride on bushes and dirt!

So I suggest a new term I just made up, and don’t tell me you’ve heard it before cause thats just not true… Grow-down ya nancies and remember when ya used to get completely soaked stompin in puddles with yer friends.  Turns out its hella fun and no worries ya can head straight to the lodge to get some cocoa and schnapps, tie on a good buzz, then straight to your heat seated, defrost pumping, people carrying personal 4 wheel rocket ship and barrel down Highway 2.(i dont condone drunk driving).

First hint….check out the view

surprisingly interesting and good for your health.

step 2.

Find some good friends to ride with and then mount up one of these amazlingly fashionable rain ponchos(can be worn as vest, skirt, or diaper..details upon request)

by now your already riding and having a grand and after ya get that cocoa head back to your mobile people cooker you see the same thing you did when you rolled into the lot.

no one.  not a person but homies and crows!